A good Trailer...really. before we go was so underated i loved it Robert Duvall is the real talent in these scenes. I m crying. WOW!!! Watch, The Judge & Online. HDQ, full Outstanding movie..xDD


Great movie just saw it sad ending I finally found this scene! My favourite one of the movie Evans is trying to distant himself from cap, he's actually a really great actor. I don't like captain America 🐸 I love iron man bt in this movie I love him 🙈 Yeah yeah but... VERA FARMIGA boys...

Someone please please tell me the name of the song thats being played in this trailer. Please....

Captain America with captain marvel what a wonderful movie.amazing great .another great film of Chris Evans .i am big fan of him.i watch this movie many times Now gonna be ROBERT DOWNEY JR: ACADEMY AWARD WINNER OKAY? OKAY. ♥ @Robert Downey Jr.  Good review guys:D lyrics help 


MALVO This movie has Vera Farminga  in it!!  aka Norma Bates.  She is a deliciously, fabulous & very talented actress. Oh and drop dead gorgeous too!! I'm so surprised that they don't disable all comments on ALL posts of youtube videos. People take a good thing and turn it into a bad thing.  I read the comments for opinions or further info on what the actual video is about.  All of you debaters ruin it for me.. Just saw this movie and I can’t believe its not better known. it’s such a fun and heartwarming film. The actors are amazing, Especially the little girl. If you haven’t seen it , you should definitely get on that..

This is one of my favourite movies

The little girl is sooooo soooooo smart

The. Judge? Online… Megashare



It's time Bollywood start doing such movies

Can’t believe Stark and Kingpin were brothers....

My favorite film of all time right next to Fight Club. RDJ is absolutely amazing in this film. A tear jerker, but definitely worth the viewing. Trust me. 10/10.





  • 1000 / 1000